Does OP Store Bake The Best Cupcake?

A Johnson County man may be the next Food Network star, if he has the best cupcake.
be the next food network star … if he has the winning cupcake. jeff martin … who owns the “smallcakes” cupcake store in olathe … is one of three finalists in the food network’s “cupcake wars.” he says no one was more surprised than he was when he got the call inviting him to compete on the show.”they just called us out of the blue…so how they found us i’m not sure. they just called on the phone one day and said hey this is so and so from the food network we have a brand new show coming up would you like to come out. since the show was taped in march, jeff already knows who won. but the rest of us will have to wait until tomorrow. √°cupcake wars√° airs tomorrow night at at eight p-m on the food network. 3 (mark) and



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