Dockside Seafood & Grill

The Sassy Seafood Sisters are back in the CT Style kitchen
>> if you’re looking for fresh seafood, outdoor dining and the best sunset on the shoreline, the sassy seaf ood sisters say they have it all at the dock d side and seafood grill.l coowners tracy rsand susan back today sharing their delicious lobster roll recipe. nice to see knew thank you for having us back.c >> you’re going to give us a little bit of teaching a little cooking class here, right? >> something basic, easy to do at home. >> you’re going to teach me to cook lobster roll. >> super easy. >> i’l throwrw myself into your experi enced hands. >> pour a little bit ofli melted butter into our saute pan.t >> al righty. >> that’s enough right there. we don’t want too much butter, but butter is yumy. we want this to he tat up a little bit. we will take a little squeeze of lemon. on the plate for you. squeeze some nice fresh lemon into the pan. go ahead. >> put a little of that in there



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