Dirty Dining: Siciliano’s Real Italian

We’ve seen many restaurants shut down for 24 or 48 hours, but this restaurant was closed for 13 days straight because of all the roaches found in the kitchen.
dining. >> reporter: two cheese or pepper owny slices with a soda cost dollars 3.50 at the real italian restaurant on 14th street west. and the pizza looks tasty. but the place had health inspectors busy lately. >> were you aware that the restaurant was shutdown for about 13 days because of a roach problem? >> actually we were remodeling. >> reporter: his brother owns the restaurant so he helps out. on april 21st state inspectors found over 80 live and dead roaches on the wall, floor, sink, cutting board, ice machine, reach-in cooler, prep cooler and the pizza stphaofpb while we were remodeling ├▒rthey seen cockroaches coming out. that is why we decided to close. >> reporter: but based on the inspection reports the state ordered them to shutdown and stay closed for 13 days straight. >> all of this is all new? >> reporter: inspectors came back five different times in april and may finding



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