Dirty Dining: Harborside Restaurant

Twice over the past 12 months, the state ordered the restaurant to throw out food because it was being held at too warm a temperature.
it makes tonight’s dirty dining list. nestled on a lake with great view says large restaurant with a large menu to match. their focus is on seafood. but, inspectors focused on problems in the kitchen. >> my name is jackie callaway i am with abc action news is there a manager i can talk with? >> yeah, she is right over there. >> reporter: the state ordered them to throw out food because it was held at too warm of a temperature. the most recent was this pedestrian july when they had to toss 50 pounds of oysters. and just the year before they had to throw out 10 pounds of gator meat, 10 pounds of lobsters, 10 pounds of shrimp and five pounds of stpaper. the items should be kept at 41 degrees or below? >> are you the manager? >> i am the assistant manager. >> we are here to ask questions about the state’s latest inspection. >> reporter: over the last 12 months they received 53 critical viola



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