Dirty Dining At Home?

Courtny Gerrish reports.
dining at local restaurants. buwould áyour kitchená pass a health inspection?courtny investigates “dirty ding” at home. even áherá home. courtny… we’re sending a health inspector through people’s kitchens. and yes, i’m under the microscope too….it’s only fair right? we looked at a few simple rules in the kihen that will go a long way to keeping your family safe. nats door belljulia schmitt meet laura temke, health inspector with the city of west allis.”i’m here to inspect your kitchen.””come on in.” this brave tosa mother of two…is letting us put her kitchen under the microscope. first up – handwashing.nats tommy washing handsthis áisá a handwashing family .. but the key is doing it right.”20 seconds minimum, hot soapy water and vigorous back and forth. i actually wash up to my wrists.”that leads us to one of the biggest germ magnets in the kitchen. hand towels”how often do y



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