Dinner Inspiration: Pasta With Chicken And Pesto Pt3

Enjoy this pesto pasta dish for dinner
i think it’s great. >>> so we are back in the kitchen because it’s time to put all the finishing touches on our pesto chicken pasta recipe. it’s smelling delicious. it’s looking gorgeous and fresh and homemade and now chef christopher is going to show us how to put this recipe all together and throw one more sauce in there perhaps. >> we gutted the chicken and here we go. i’m sticking the chicken breast, skin on, i got the little olive oil and butter and then i got one already cooked off. >> okay. >> and we are going to cook that and you can just ground this until you get a nice color that you want and then pop it in the oven. >> how long? >> until it’s done. >> are we doing a thermometer or a time or just sticking our — >> at about 350 it takes about five minutes or so once you get it nice and brown but when i cook at home, which is very seldom, but if i have a group of people there, i



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