Dinner Inspiration: Pasta With Chicken And Pesto Pt2

Enjoy this pesto pasta dish for dinner
>>> round two of our pesto chicken with pasta recipe and jeff is back to show us how to make the pesto go with the chicken and noodles. easy i’m hearing. >> just have olive oil. >> olive oil with lemon or something? >> no. just got olive oil and i’ve put just a little basil and i already preblended it a little bit and just chopping it up a little bit. >> there were all those types of olive oils that have — some are more aged and then some have flavors infused in them. can you alter the flavor of a pesto by using those or is that not advisable? >> you can add lemon juice, lemon zest, we something like a pesto, it’s not really a pesto at all. we take olive oil, rosemary thyme and cracked pepper and blend it up and baste all of our meats with it on the grill so there’s lots of things just to make a marinate. chimmy choi is they use an argentina. >> i’m not familiar with that. >> oil or oli



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