Dinner Inspiration: Pasta With Chicken And Pesto Pt.1

Enjoy this pesto pasta dish for dinner
number on your screen. >>> are you having chicken tonight? why not give it a little bit of spice. today chef christopher gross from christopher’s crush lounge — christopher’s and crush lounge i should say is here to show us how to make chicken with what looks like homemade pasta. >> a lot of different things with and so we are going to get started. we are going to do the pasta and i just got some flour in here and we got two egg yolks and eggs and put that in the flour and we are going to make a mess here. it’s much easier to do this in like a kitchen aide or a mixer. >> i was talking about that yesterday with a girlfriend and she was saying yeah i’ve got — she had a kitchen aide, i don’t know, it’s an artisan or some brand of kitchen aide. >> it’s a lot less mess he, but we may a well. you can put it on the table and make a well and drop all the eggs in and stuff like that and then ju



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