Dinner For Your Dog

Cooking a healthy meal for your dinner.
>> back on my feet. >> back on my feet again that WAS A SONG FROM THE 70s. there he goes getting westful for the 8 tracks. back on my feet is also an organization series of events and also a mission. james is part of the program. thanks for being here. >> this is ram medial back on your feet. people who have no idea they are not familiar what is it? >> back on my feet is a nonprofit organization it promote the self sufficiency of people over coming homelesss in and drug and alcohol addiction by engaging them in running as a means to build self-confidence. we run at 5:45 in the morning three-days a week. once our members have been with us 30-days and demonstrate commitment and attendance of 90 percent or better we have other programs we offer to them financial literacy program jobs programs and we have end goal for self sufficiency. when our members graduate our program like james they ar



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