Dinner And A Show At The Goodspeed Opera House

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” is playing at the Goodspeed Opera House, and dinner from La Vita Gustosa.
>> it is the winer of 12 tony awards, including bestlu musical, and you can catch “aca funy thing happened on the way to thee forum” at the goodspeed opera house. and please welcome john and la vita gustosa, chef lorenzo. thank you so much for being m here. >> thank you for having us. >> i have to mention, i was at the show opening night, it is such a fun, colorful, lively, energetic night. >> it is th e funniest musical every written. it was written by the person who wrote “tootsie” and the tv show “mashh”. people are loving it. >> what character do you play? >> hysterium. i play a slave. >> with really high hair. >> i look like il stuck my fingers in a light socket. >> did you. >> i hope it worked. >> give the synopsis.no >> it takes place in ancient rome, based on old p lays. a lot of beautiful women, funy men. basically about a slave who tries to wintr his fredom isd basica lly the p



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