Dinner And A Show

A show at the Goodspeed and dinner the Gelston House.
>> it is the timeless tale of love and redemption in king arthur’s court, cameslot at the gelston house now until september 19. r >> if you have tyickets for a wednesday night, weyou will receive tick ets. here forre this familiar also deal, we have camelot cast member matt faucher, and moses torres. >> notice the greatr pronunci ation. >> we have b een saeying faucher since we got here. >> you play squire s dap.a p >> lancelot’s home boy, if you will. >> i didn’t know lancelot had a home boy. like you are my homegirl.g is lancelot always pickingp dap up or that is tnot part of the deal. >> i’m a smaller version of lancelot. he is this big french guy and i’m a shorters version of him, they call me mini maxine, mini max. >> how is it going? >> great. . >> you’ve done a lot of shows. >> 25 and we have a lot more to do. >> moses, bring you in here. what are you making usin today?d >> this i



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