Dining With Doreen!

Food Network’s “The Next Food Network Star” is about to have it’s finale, and we had one of this year’s stars on the show! Doreen Fang caters in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and has a delicious website at DiningWithDoreen.com! Dao & Shawn joined Doreen in the kitchen to make some tasty tacos, and learn more about her cuisine and the foundation made in honor of her mother.
pick of the litter is a cutie. first, the countdown is on sunday. one person will become the next food network star. and our guests have the opportunity to compete for her shot. she’s here today showing her stills in our kitchen and we’ll tell you where you can get it on the delishness. >> dao: good morning, doreen. she’s joing us in the studio. you’re cooking up a fantastic dish a taco dish. is cooking something you’ve always wanted to do? >> since i was little i loved cooking but i was going to be a surgeon. >> shawn: no way. you’re still a surgeon. >> yes, i handle sharp knives. i’m really excited. i just kind of moved away from the medical field and i lot love cooking, so i went to culinary school in san francisco and here i am. >> shawn: i like eating. let’s pursue this. >> you like eating too. >> dao: yes. >> i’m making a spicy cilantro chicken taco. i start with butter and oil, ad



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