Dining Out: A Peak Inside The ROQ

A beautiful poolside location, stunning views and great food what else can you ask for.
around another place. >> what a beautiful pool side location. >> they have amazing fish tacos, i hear. bbq pulled pork, and all sorts of things. >> this is great place to unwind and have a casual meeting. rock is unique because we have great cocktails, great atmosphere, we have a dj on fridays and saturdays to create a great vibe, and people dance out by the fire pit and it’s more casual ding. you’ll find everything from surf and turf to our extensive fry list, south western salads, mahi fish tacos, and i love it for casual and on the weekend the stake and lobster is great. it’s an outdoor venue. we have pool side service as well. we have hand crafted cocktails and $18 per person on friday and offer food to go along with that and give them a way to experience how we make the cocktails and give them a chance to see what we offer. >> this is cucumber mahito. and two slices, four or five pi



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