Dineout Savings Tips

dineout savings tips
budget conscious. the hofbrauhaus in west springfield is following the lead of many restaurants… offering offering specials and pre-fix menus… or several course meals… at one lower price. “you have an appetizer a salad, entre and dessert for.” another option… split an entree… some restaurants charge a small fee but it’s still cheaper than two meals. “and rember water flows free, you’d be surprised how much you can save by opting for water instead of sa or alcohol.” lee chambers of the greater springfield convention and visitors bureau also suggested going online for coupons. their website, valley visitor dot com and dine best for less.com offer all kinds of deals for local restaurants. overall..turn going out to eat into a treat, not a necessity… that way every night out feels like a reward for all those times you stayed in. for more tips, we’ve posted a link to a free guide



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