Dine Out For Live

Access Aids Care hosts event
it. >> we will see you in new york. >> we do wish him luck. he is probably going to make some plans to dine out this weekend. what about starting be weakened early and dining out tonight? — a week end early? >> the stomach is a little empty since i am not in the studio this morning. luckily, we have a local organization and local businesses hosting an event this weekend — this evening. can you tell us a little bit about the organization? >> it is a service organization that serves adults and children to have — who have hiv or aids. we serve about 600 people a year. >> how many people in the area are living with this disease? >> there are currently about 7000 people living in the area. worldwide, there is one person infected every nine minutes we’re having an increase in diagnosis here in hampton roads. services are more critical than ever before. >> that is a pretty large number. can



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