Diet Soda Risks

Diet soda could make you more at risk of a stroke.
a new study released at this week’s american ste association’s international conference says yes. cbs21’s kirk clyatt is live with this dauphin county mobile newsroom in harrisburg. and kirk–what does the report show? if you’re a diet soda drinker you definitely want to pay attention to this. it is a study coordinated by the miller school of medicine at the university of miami that followed over 2,500 multi-ethic participants over nine years. no doubt the diet soda world is getting shook up today. vo: there were 7 groups in the study ranging from those who consumed no soda to those who drank at least a can of diet soda a day. take graphic; the daily diet soda drinkers had a 48% higher stroke risk than those who drank no soda 18:11 we’ll there is no medical . for that 18:20 super; dr. charles yanofsky neurologist 17:54 some people may . that, that’s a factor 18:20 18:29 maybe drinking .



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