Diet Drive Thru

Recent ad campaigns have gone so far as to promote a “drive-thru diet”. But can eating fast food ever be good for you? Reporter Amber Schatz orders three of the “healthier” options off the menu to find out. (NAT) 10:21 “Hi what can I get for you.” It’s quick… it’s easy… it tastes so good. 11:18 “Any hot, mild or fire sauce?” Fast food can be very appealing… but if you’re on a diet… it’s usually a big no-no. (NATS OF COMMERCIAL) (Amanda Beadell/Dietitian) 16:27 “When I first saw the commercial I thought it was a joke, but after a little bit of research it’s a smart idea, similar to what Subway’s doing with their sandwiches, under ten grams of fat.” Clinical Dietitian Amanda Beadell says you can get a pretty hearty meal for under five hundred calories off of Taco Bell’s new Fresco menu… But it’s all about the choices you make. 17:25 “You can get the burrito that has less than nine grams of fat, but if you pair it with the potato that has cheese on top of it, might as well have had regular burrito.” Another healthy fast food item… Salads. 14:21 “The caesar?……… 5.13 first window.” Choosing one of McDonald’s best salad options also easily keeps you under five hundred calories… if you eat your greens. (NATS 26:02 “If you were to add the whole packet of dressing, that would be about 500 calories and 35 grams of fat.”) 21:05 “The dressing is where people get into trouble, is because they dump it all on, instead of adding what they really need to go with the salad.” Some tips… Use half the dressing… choose grilled over fried… and remember all of your food groups! (25:03) “Mandarin oranges, chocolate milk.” We bought a kid’s meal at Wendy’s… great for portion control… but like an adult meal… health experts say not great if you choose the fried, high-calorie options. More options… What you’re washing this down with. 21:54 “A lot of people get the supersized pop and have quite a few calories that way when they could have a diet pop or even a glass of water and still feel satisfied.” Overall, this dietitian says you can have a low calorie, low fat meal when eating drive-thru…but…it’s up to you to know the menu… and to make good choices that satisfy you. 22:59 “It’s all about planning, thinking about what you’re having, the rest of the week or the beginning of the day to balance out those calories that you’re going to have when you splurge or go out to eat.” A balance that can help you from being weighed down. Amber Schatz, KX News. Most fast food chains have the nutritional facts of their menu online or in the restaurant. One last tip…



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