DeWolf Tavern Cocktail Party Recipes

We’re making food and drink to serve at a Cocktail party with DeWolf Tavern.
some pounds, let’s go to the kitchen. what have you got for us, vince? >> i have some great ideas for us. football, big nfl weekend comingmi up, the playoffs begin, the pats on sunday.un >> let’s go cowboys. >> oh, yeah. >> we have a problem. lawrence brown, amen, somebody touch th is child. lawrence brown from dewolf tavern, cowboys pla cy by beloved eagles, so we have a problem here, but we’llt be friends. cocktails are what we’re talking about. oucocktails and finger foods, but not just hot dogs in a blanket. we’ll be talking about somebo good stuff, and one of themhe is beef wellington. tell us about it. >> we’ve taken the classiccl dish, the beef wellington, and we’ren, shrinking it down, making it aa mini fee wellington.in — beef wellington. same concept, just pta smaller size. >> and shrimp cocktail. what do we do different with shrimp cocktail. >> we’re actually butter tt poachi



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