Devour Downtown: Morton’s Steakhouse

Zuri gives you a taste of what to expect next week during ‘Devour Downtown’!
bike. >> andi: all right. >> tracy: but chef tony is here. usually on thursday zuri is here, but she’s not. but that hasn’t stopped her from managing to get a meal. we’ll have to work on her thursday. >> andi: we’ll eat whatever our great chefs make, but she didn’t waste any time because she’s downtown. we have devour downtown coming up. she has a preview. let’s see what she ate. >> it’s time to open wide and devour downtown. chase away the winter blues with three-course meals for only $30. morton steakhouse is known for their delicious steaks. got a sneak peek of what they’ll be cooking up for their devour downtown menu. >> we have 77 restaurant worldwide in most major cities. this restaurant here has been here since 1999. >> devour downtown. >> i’ll let you look over that. >> for $30 you get a salad, entree and a desert. i’m going to go with the fillet mignon and fresh asparagus and do



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