Devil’s Food Cupcakes

We baked Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Nancy’s Fancies in The Rhode Show Kitchen.
helping herhe mom from nancy’s fancies and mia was telling me her f havorite thing to bakeg is ckes, so we’re in for something here. you’re going to put vince to work.wo >> i have a kick question though. is this the new phenomenon that’s going on,ng fairly new, or something on for — >> this has been the lasthe few years, cupcakes have been all the rage and they’vee just really taken over the wedding and birth days and a sweet 16’s. especially because people can now have — >> why they c pick their hone. >> yea h. h. all the flavors, and t hey’re not limited to one.ne >> they’re not limited to the cake they may not likeke. >> here’s my question. you said thatyo theset were peanut butter filled cupcakes. how do you get that in there? >> well,>> you core t yo out.. >> we’re going g to leto you core and we’ll let vince do the s’mores.re >> you core out theut middle. >> what tool isis this,



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