Desserts In A Hurry

Desserts in a hurry
>>> everybody loves to eat dessert, but the tough part is actually making it. very few people want to take on that task. rhiannon is in the kitchen with our friend, robin miller, from the food network with easy desserts that dazzle. >> my sweet tooth is all revved up and ready for robin here. now, when i have to take a dessert somewhere or and having people over, i always buy it. it seems like the easier thing to do. you can buy just a few key ingredients and make the perfect dessert, and nothing really says we love having you over more than something you’ve made from scratch, but it does not have to take a long time and does not have to be hard, and i’m going to show you how to make a peach tier a meece sue parfait. we’re going to thin it out a little with some milk. would you mind putting a little bit of vanilla in there, about half a teaspoon. if you put a little more in there, that’s



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