Denny’s Grand Slam

A popular breakfast food chain gets slammed with customers. That’s because for the second year in a row… Denny’s served free “Grand Slams” , their signature item, as a way of saying thank you to the community. Starting at six a-m… managers say the restaurant was completely filled… and has stayed pretty hectic ever since. Restaurant managers estimate going through three thousand eggs just from six until two in the afternoon. Along with a free breakfast… Customers also get coupons and a chance to win a free breakfast every week for a year… (Joe Stark/General Manager) 36:49 “Just kind of feels good, you see a lot of regulars, people you haven’t seen for awhile, a lot of people are very grateful, a lot of thank-yous, meal was great, last year people even sent thank-you cards which was really nice.” Not everybody knew what they were walking in to… this group of ladies meets here every few months to catch up… and lucky for them… their timing was perfect. (Lu Wald/Bismarck) “We came down here and were surprised by the large crowd on a weekday, and were told there’s free grand slams… We all had the grand slam and it was delicious as usual, the pancakes are very fluffy and large and yes it’s a lot of food to eat.” Managers at Denny’s say last year they served around 1400 meals… This year, they were shooting for 1600.



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