Demand For Chicken Wings Drives Up Prices

As you get ready to dunk those chicken wings into your favorite sauce, get ready to dunk deeper into your wallet as well.
march madness time which means some of you will be doing some dunking of your own as in dunking chicken wings and maybe a barbecue sauce. you may have noticed a price jump on those little morsels at the grocery store and local restaurants, newschannel 5s dave arnold has this tasty story. >> wings up. >> reporter: if you want great wings, winkingly czar is one place to test your taste buds. you may have seen wing prices go up. >> even recession has played a part in it because i think it is a comfort food. >> reporter: winkingly saturday stuck with fresh chicken but it is a tough balance because they pay by the pound. >> this past year was the highest we have ever paid for chicken wings but we have started to see them go down. >> reporter: that is good news. during super bowl the price spiked. if there is any price concern it is not felt in this kitchen or ding room or at the bar where win



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