Delicious Summer Cocktails Of 2010

Sick and tired of the same old glass of Chardonnay?
appeal.” i’m nate. how many times have you hosted a party and not had any idea what kind of cocktail to serve? i know i have had that problem. well, tim curran, a bartender at the log cabin in holyoke is here to help you with that problem. >> good morning. >> glad you could be here to show us all about these fun, summer drinks to do at a barbecue. tell me a little bit about how long you have been bar tending? >> about eight years now. >> how long have you been — now i know you are one of the flare bartenders. >> yeah. >> flip the cups and thin. how long have you been doing that? >> about eight years now. >> you taught yourself how to do this stuff. >> i did. i was in my backyard and i bought these practice bottles online. >> okay. >> for about 20 bucks. and you can get those on a few bar tending websites, so i bought two of those and i stood outside and i practiced for a good two and a



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