Delicious Drinks: Fashion Passion Shooters

Jeff Tahlmore from Twist on Angell makes a delicious drink, Fashion Passion Shooters
>> all right. today in delicious drinks, in honor of style week providence, we are making fashion passion shooters. joing us as always is jeff talmore from twist on angel jeff, what have you got for us today. >> in honor of s tyle week, we wanted to do something different. we’ve hollowed out some fresh passion fruit. >> which are amazing. . >> they are awesome. we’re going to actually take the shots out of these, okay. to start, we’ll take a little bit of kiwi, right inside. a few sugar cubes. >> sweeten it up a bit. >> yep. >> you’re going to muddle all that together. >> all right. you really want the kiwi to break down all the way. >> it’s all in the wrist. w >> very, very mushy here. okay. >> all right. >> what we’re going to do is scoop some of the inside of the passion fruit here. >> so you’ve put it all into the bowl right here. >> this stuff is i really, really super, super good.



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