Delicious Decadent Desserts

Ronald DeSantis is the Director of CIA Consulting at the Culinary Institute of America. His role keeps him on the cutting edge of the food industry. He has received numerous awards during his career, including the certification of Master Chef, he is also a member of the American Academy of Chefs, and has received medals at both the Nuremburg Culinary Exhibit, and a gold medal at the ACF National Championship.
>>> if you love deck can’t desserts and who doesn’t and you’re looking for a reason to get together with friends and family we have a great idea for you. parties are all the rage for a recipes, where to splurge, we have the go-to guy for anything dessert in hollywood. hear to show you how to pull off a dessert party with ease ron desanti. >> hi, alex, thanks for having me. >> you’re on the cutting edge on desserts. tell us, what’s the right occasion to throw a dessert party? >> gosh, any occasion is the right — we teach all kinds of things at the culinary institute of america7 desserts. we start with great ingredients, we’ve been starting with the dunkin’ heins ingredient to make these incredible cupcakes. the thing about it is where do you go with this, so what we’ve done is very simply, as a flavor enhancer we’ve taken a spice cake mix and added apple spas to it so now you’ve got a cu



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