Delicious Chicken Recipe For The Whole Family Pt1

Try a new chicken recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
in the kitchen to make things exciting. we are here with this delicious recipe, even though i have no idea what a spatula and hunter sauce is. >> well, spetzle is what i’m going to help you make. but we’re basically making a sauteed chicken. and i want to kind of turn you onto it. i have a hot pan. and the dish that we’re making is very traditional. and it’s mushrooms with white wine. it’s october. i’ve got to cook something that is a little earthier. >> all right. what i need to do is dry off the chicken first. >> we’re putting olive oil in or canola oil. >> i’m just using neutral oil. >> look at that. >> and then drop them in. >>> are we going to put it in the oven? >> actually, we’re going to brown it off in here. flip it over. get that going. and we’re going to pop it in the oven. >> okay. >> and later, we’ll come back and finish the off the sauce. this is a great dish, if you’re hav



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