Delicious Chicken Recipe For The Whole Family

Try a new chicken recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
with chef john paul. and we are continuing with our chicken and spetzle. >> you’re going to make the spetzle. and i smell emmy. that’s what i’m smelling now. >> the pressure. >> what we’re going to do. actually, hand me the mussels over there. i’m going to take mushrooms and throw them in the pan. and i’m going to sweat those down. i’m going to let those cook for a second. while you — i’m going to throw shallots in there, too. >> salted or unsalted. >> i use unsalted butter. and i like to control the amount of salt. >> okay. >>> so that guy is going. while he’s going, prepare for andy time. this is it. here’s your spetzle battle. >> you’re going to take this and plop it in there. and i mean, plop in the best of ways. >> looks like cake batter. >> what you’re going to do. notice it isn’t coming through. >> uh-huh. >> spetzle is awesome stuff. all we’re going to do is take this guy. >> is



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