Deep Fried Pecan Pie

Rib city stops in to show the girls how to make a delicious deep fried pecan pie.
. >> does anything sound better than this. deep fried pecan or pecan pie. tony is here from rib city, you’re from florida, how do you say it. >> we say pecan. anyway. pecan, however you say it, it’s great. because reagan has been in it. so you’re deep frying this. >> i am. but first i’m going to show you how to make a really simple can pie. because most of the time people are afraid to make it because it’s really hard. i’m going to tell you what the secret is. the secret is cooking some of the ingredients on the stove top fore you bake it. >> i never thought about that. >> so you’re carmelizing everything. taking your sugar, your dark karo syrup. and then a cup of sugar. vanilla. >> this is a southern way of doing it. >> totally southern. i don’t know if totally southern is right, but so what you will do is cook this on the stove top until it melts and gets a little bit sugary and carmel



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