Deanna’s $50 Super Bowl Party

Deanna Sauceda talks about how she would throw a 10-person Super Bowl party on a $50 budget.
to do a superbowl party on 50 bucks. it was a challenge and there’s a lot of debate about whether this is a real superbowl party because there is no beer, but that is not need for a good time everybody and it is early. here’s how i did on the menu hamburgers and hotdogs …i already got the hotdogs for …for 12 patties 8:05 8:25 alright i lucked out its on sale for 4:99 for the veggie tray 8:30 :09:26 gott a get buns …88 cents a peice we’ll get 4 of them 12:15 13:32 sorry guys i am not going with brand name soda were going with the big k cola big k diet and big k lemon lime…69 cents a peiece 13:45 14:15 we’re at partyand i still have only have 7:70 lhere’s the work i did with the 6 bucks worth of decoration governor richardson is ordering more budget belt- tightening by his administration, including a 2 percent salary cut for employees he has appointed. many republican lawmakers hav



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