Deal Or Dud: Nuwave Oven

Deal or dud: nuwave oven
oven” say their product can bake d grill food in a matter of minutes. fox’s melissa painter puts the tabletop cooker through the deal or dud test. nats of nuwave adcook your food about fifty percent faster in the on your side needs to know… is this tabletop help us find out. like most families, patricia’s eats a lot of chicken and the patricia puts one frozen chicken breast in the nuwave.it’s easy to use. press a couple of buttons patricia flips the chicken halfway through and like a good mom adds some it feel like in no time supper’s ready! cutting into the chicken, patricia immediately notices a problem.hulin says: “it’s kind of tough.”but how will it feels like we did!!!it’s pretty horrible could the asparagus be any better?painter says: “not bad?”hulin says: “it is good. tastes really comparison’s sake, we also cooked a frozen chicken breast in a conventional oven.it took twice as



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