Day 1 – Recipe – Nicoise Salad

Day 1 – recipe – Nicoise Salad
now. “daybreak” is going healthy and cheap all week showing you how to feed a family of four dinner for under $20. now, in our 6:00 our of “daybreak” on wish-tv you showed us how to make a roasted chicken. walk us through the meal. >> roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, sauteed green beans. under $20. simple seasonings, salt and pepper on everything. set it up to have basically leftovers so we can move into having next day for lunch. everybody goes leftovers. >> sounds so boring. i like leftovers. >> we’ll show you how to maybe take the leftover of the same ingredients we had and turn it into something else, we had tossed salad, we had green beans, chicken potatoes. we had to boil eggs. tomaes. greens. what we’re going to do quickly is take a little bit of the dressing and pour it in the bottom. cut the potatoes in half. lay those potatoes on the bottom. do the same thing with the eggs, l



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