David Leite Is In The CT Style Kitchen

An easy sidedish perfect for Thanksgiving
are you looking 3 are you looking for an easy…tastey side dish to compliment your next holiday meal? david leite is a food writer and the author of the new portugese table and he’s here to share one of his favorite recipes..welcome es david back to th e kitchen…3 welcome….for people that aren’t familiar…tell us about your website and blog… ifou want david’s recipe..just come to our website and click on connecticut style…. connecticut click on to our website and re cipe..just come if you want david’s 3 if you want david’s recipe..just come to our om website and recipe..just come if you want david’s yo3 if you want davi d’s ou recipe….just come to our t website and click on i connecticut style..y david we are going to check back with o k



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