David Leite

David Leite
and orange cake. he has a new cokbook the new portuguese table. he is back. welcome back david leite. it is fabulous seeyou. i need a god luck kis. thank you. >> trying to get in with the judge. [laughter] >> we’re doing all this everyone because we’ve got a friendly competition getg ready to get under way. >> not so friendly, i think. i’m not sure. >> youhave two great recipes, great for the holidays. >> very easy to do and the reason why i decided to do this is we know it is challenging to cook with you guys. >> for sonia, not me. >> and you ut this in the food processer, pulse it and you’re done. the only thi this was cooked and did it for you before is garlic and ownions have been — onions have been saute until ey are golden. >> this is from your cokbook. >> “the new portuguese table”, yes. this is a tuna ate. this is a mini chop. you will hour the milk, anchovy, garlic. >> i just a



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