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david deal of the day wendy williams free hotdogs
degrees on saturday. >> michael jackson still in the news. >> a tell-all biography is unmasked, the final years. he said after jackson was acquitted in molestation charges, he was convinced jackson was guilty. he did extensive research that changed his mind. he now beliefs jackson was not a child molester. he claims that he was gay, and people close to him knew it and kept it a secret. he interviewed several people who claimed to be jackson’s lovers. in other news, debbie rowe has dropped a custody battle and sold her kids to her former mortgage for $4 million to kathleen jackson, plus a $900,000 home. it means that she now gives up all rights to the kids, andhe can never seek custody again in the future. >> that’s a nice woman, isn’t she? >> i just love that video, where she’s like i’m going to kick your butt. >> a show that premiered yesterday on fox, a unique style of t.v. to daytime



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