Date Becomes Star Of Competition

A competition in the Coachella Valley, this weekend, made our favorite date the star of every dish.
around t valley squared off today in a iron chef-style competition. it was parof the 10th annual “perfect date ch challenge” at fantasy springs resort cano. and as new annel 3’s elyse miller shows us.. 4[ e of the valle0’s gems was the key inedint. they’re focused, paying close attention to every last detail. “i wanted to do something different.” these local chefs are whpi up dishes f 10 “perfect date chef challenge.” “dkyicious, just wonderful.” “i did smoked bacon wrappepork, stfed with dates.” ef willi withrow is a returning champ.. loking for a reat. “everyonpes to win.” the chefs use all kinds of meat, vegebes, fruits and starch..but every onmust include e special ingredient — the famous califrn date. “it our area, ‘s what we have he.” “each mouse has a fferent date, a different flavor.” “in this competition there are a total of ne chefs – three compete in the appetizer “und, three



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