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The Perfect Ingredients For A Fabulous New Food MagazinenDASH Mixes Great New Content With Favorites from PARADE, Bon App├ętit, Epicurious and Gourmetn nWhen it comes to dining and entertaining, IN is the new OUT! With more and more families rediscovering the joy (and, OK, the necessity) of cooking and entertaining at home, the need for fast, easy and healthy meals is bigger than ever.
American favorite “parade magazine is teaming up with well-known names like gourmet to launch the new food magazine called” Dash .” Senior editor joanneaprisco it here. Good morning. Tell us al about dash.nnDash is a great new food magazines brought by parade, gourmet, and we have created recipes fast, easy delicious and designed for busy moms on the go looking for weeknight meal solutions and holiday coking tips.nnWe have a lot of busy moms who are a little bit nervous as holidays are aproaching. Have you got time-saving tips for preparing those big thanksgiving feasts?nnAbsolutely. Everybody looks forward to the thanksgiving feast but the one drawback is drawing to juggle all of the different dishes and prepare them on the same day. What we did at “dash” We put together a game plan for five easy make-ahead side dishes that can be prepared in advance and reheated the day of. How does th



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