Dakota Lunch

When you think of school lunch options…corn dogs and meatloaf might come to mind. But this isn’t not your typical Monday through Friday menu. Tonight Ag. Reporter Sarah Gustin takes you to Sterling where students are feasting on some of North Dakota’s finest cuisine. (Mitzie Johnson / School Cook)”The cheese curds, I know that they will love them and I know that some of them haven’t tried it.” (Mitzie Johnson / School Cook)”Lamb I am always happy to serve.” Lamb, kuchen, breaded cheese curds…those are just a few of the items on Sterling Elementary’s Menu. (Mitzie Johnson / School Cook)”I am really happy to be able to show the kids what they can get near by.” Sterling and other schools across the state are celebrating Pride of Dakota month with a meal straight from the Heartland. In fact, most of today’s lunch was produced within 20 miles of the school. School Cook Mitzie Johnson says 21 students are enjoying lamb from Driscoll, potatoes from Dawson, and cheese curds and chocolate milk from just 3 miles up the road. Johnson says finding tasty, local food within her budget isn’t hard at all. (Mitzie Johnson / School Cook)”I would be really, really excited if I could find all of my fresh produce locally. I would love to use all local stuff.” (Kate Pfennig / Pride of Dakota Member) “You got meals that are produced within 100 miles of your school and it could be on a regular basis not just on Pride of Dakota day.” Johnson says she changes up her local menu selection every year. She says Pride of Dakota Day has become a special lunch day that students look forward too. (Mitzie Johnson / School Cook) “Kuchen is kinda a treat for them, so I know on Pride of Dakota I try to serve kuchen, a different flavor every time.” (Kage Mills / 3rd Grader) “It’s got to be the cheese.” This morning’s breakfast also had a local touch serving Baker Boy Rolls and Bessy’s Best Yogurt Parfaits. In Sterling for KX News, I am Sarah Gustin. Across the state more than 55-thousand students in 213 schools are celebrating Pride of Dakota month with a North Dakota lunch.



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