DABC Wine Tasting

Wine education course for State Liquor Store employees
be more available for his constituents. rick the utah department of alcoholic beverage control hosted a wine tasting tonight – not for the public but for some employees of their state liquor stores. i got the chance to sit in on this week’s wine education class. 8-18 24-31 32-37 1:13-1:18 rick aaron: tonight the wines of italy were uncorked for 18 students who all work at state liquor stores. terry wood, dabc director of communications: utahns are actually getting quite sophisticated on wine these days. our wine sales are going up yet not everybody knows much about wine and sometimes the store employees don’t either. rick aaron: jeremy gruber says his customers in pleasant grove have a lot of questions. jeremy gruber, “the liquor store guy”: what’s a good red wine for cooking. what’s a good white wine for cooking. what’s the difference between merlots, pinot noirs, sauvignon blancs, pino



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