D-11 Offers Free Meals

District 11 is offering free meals this summer, but many children are not taking advantage of the summer food program.
lunch for all children…no questions asked. but getting kids in the door has been a challenge. new on newschannel 13…patti moon takes a look at the struggle to get children to eahealthy. ll: summer food service workers are hanging up signs like this one throughout this neighborhood near hunt elementary. only 7 kids showed up for breakfast and they say it’s heartbreaking because the need in the community is great. 14:23:00: we have tried banners… posters…postcar ds… slow start. katharina lowe has been working with children for more thaa decade. she says for families who can’t afford to eat healthy …the sumr food program is a gift. 14:26:29: you always gotta get them to try …so far so good. but serving food means a delicate balance. lowe says she needs enough to feed every child who walks in the door…and make sure that food is not wasted. 14:27:20: we have to keep production



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