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Michael from Centerplate talks about preparing food for the thousands of college world series attendants.
>> well, the food at the college fair. >> this is michael johnson. what are you doing with the world series? >> i’m the executive chef and the center plate is a food provider. it is a north american company that provides food for arenas, stadiums and. >> you need to be in charge of all of the food for the concourse area. >> i brought samples with us. we have a 3-1brat. >> which one is this? >> a cheddar brat.?รง >> and it comes out of omaha. >> and the burgers there are. >> and nachos. >> we have nachos grande and we have gluten-free and corporate specs and make sure that you offer something for everybody. >> what is the secret lined stadium food? >> what i wanted to show you is the secret behind sausage there. is a difference to put a hot dog on a grill. as a executive culinary clef and teacher of the past you should simmer a bratwurst first. you can see the delicate steam coming off of



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