Custom Wedding Cocktails For Your Reception

The Wedding Cocktail Design joined The Rhode Show to demonstrate how to make custom wedding cocktails.
vendors, who will be in in in attendance now. >> it wouldn’t be a a celebration without cocktails and here to show me how to make cocktails is jonathan. th you’ll also be at the bridal expo this weekend, is that correct? >> that’s correct. co we’re very, very evexcited to participate. we’ll be actually in the wine and spirits pavilion, so you canou come in andn taste wine and taste as great signature cocktails. would you like to taste signatur e cocktails? >> absolutely. three different cocktails that we’re making today. od temperature us about the first one that you’re going to make. >> this is the ginger pomegrane sparkler. >> it’s delicious.s >> delicious of course and the ingredients are also outstanding. the color is cool too. i have fresh minced md ginger, i’m putting in shambored, a black raspberry liquer, i have pomegranite juice here, which is high in antioxidants, so you cannot



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