Cupcaking It

Mike and Mary make up some America-inspired cupcakes.
>> and neighborhoods parties and there is always something to go. you come across the parties. >> and it is easy enough to stand out at your celebrations and the best part is it is kid friendly so what do you do. >> where did you find this recipe? >> i found it on my online search engine. i looked up 4th of july desserts or something. >> appetizers? >> and it came to the picture. and let’s start with the list of ingredients. can you buy them from scratch. we cheated and we are not that into the recipe. >> yes. >> so you are looking for a package of cake mix half a couple of apple sauce a handful of eggs. that is three. one cup of water. and two cups of small, fresh blueberries. and if you want to get the recipe yourself and you see homecooking good to about.com. we’ll also have it at our website. continuing this we are looking for dried cherries cream cheese confectioner’s sugar and then



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