Cupcakes With Glow In The Dark Frosting

Sally Whittaker makes Cupcakes with Glow in the Dark Frosting
>> we are in the halloween spirit here on “good things utah”. something might just jump out at you in a second. is that gretchen moving? >> all of our cupcakes, i don’t know if you can see that, they are glowing. the cakes, cupcakes. >> drinks. >> gretchen was over here, her skull was glowing. how neat is this? your kids must absolutely love this stuff. >> it’s been fun. we had a halloween party last weekend, it was a huge hit to have everything glowing. >> how difficult is this? >> you know what, surprisingly, it’s not that difficult. it’s tricky, there’s a few things that i learned while doing this. there’s things like, if you add any color, sad, i wanted to add lime green or bright orange, it won’t glow. it’s tonic water. it has quinine in it, it is safe to consume. quinine water glows, this bottle would be glowing. so that’s in my drink here. i put the recipe on for the drink. >> wha



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