Cupcakes And Wine

Cupcakes and Wine
tabs. jammy. >>> for the first time in our history, we get to go to a cupcake and wine bar. how does that sound in emily from emily’s desserts is here. this dessert my your business has grown. last time you were here you were growing and you have a kiosk and downtown in the inner harbor. >> my dessert– my business emily’s dessert partnering with a disas to bring baltimore the first wine and cupcake bar. >> unbelievable how. did you know to pair it up with the cupcake. >> it’s really hot in new york right now. so i hired — we were like we might as well do it here it’s trendy and ch ic? catching on. >> yes. >> i know cupcakes are great. what do you do. >> so, we have two wine paring menus one local and then one is an international wine list from noble vintners and i pared i have a boardy wine here and that goes with the chocolate peanut butter and then this one goes with the tiramisu. >>



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