Cupcake Fritata

Making a fresh and healthy meal with local ingredients from your local farmers market.
farmers markets offer an array of fresh fruits and vegetables. we all should be buying from them. how you can put words into action is talia nunez. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> you will show us how you can shop at the farmer’s market, get the things you need and make a healthy, fun meal. >> right. >> tell me what we’re making today. >> making fritata cupcakes. something you don’t think you would put together, but it is making a frittata in a cupcake pan. >> i love that idea. tell me about the ingredients. >> two cups of mushrooms, eggs, which you can also get at the farmer’s market, two types of cream, creamy goat cheese and another harp chese. >> let’s get this started. we will talk about some of the farmer markets like city seed that take place every other saturday in wooster square. >> exactly. it starts at about 9:30, mushroom in the olive oil there. >> okay. >> we saute thi



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