Cupcake Creations & Bakery

Amber Busbee has always wanted to open her own bakery, but it wasn’t until she took a risk that her dream came true.
flush >> amber’s love of baking started at a young age. it wasn’t until she took a risk that she was able to turn it into a career. >> i was a for many years at a corporation. i love that — lost that position. nothing is in life is guaranteed. i, work really hard for somebody else or i can put the same effort into something that i love doing and see where it goes. >> ever since i was little i was a baker. christmas dinners with everything on there. she decided one day i decided i am going to do gourmet cupcakes. >> it has always been my dream and i have told my son and husband when i open my own bakeries this is what i am going to do. > amber’s dream became a reality when she opened her own bakery in coopersville. >> i want to welcome you to cupcake creations in coopersville michigan. we specialize in doing everything scratch. we make 65 cupcakes from scratch on a weekly basis. we rotat



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