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cute. >> i love that. >> that’s great. >> a lot you probly think about your holiday menus if you are entering for chrtmas. >> chef jamie will dish out crowd-plsing ideas fors. i can throw a partyn less than nine months. >>. >> i can throw a party in far less than that. thank you and happy holidays. >> i have been working with great companies and putting together fabulous parties tt are fun and festive and some are differentnd unique. when they come together you can show how a fabulous festive rtis created. >> i love it. one of o traditions in our family is to do the dice game. something that gets people up and moving and yet in the sam room. >> do you have suggestions for getting the whole group ior something togetr? >> i do. i think i is brilliant and love fily traditions carrying on geration after generation. got techy this year. as a professional chef food is paramount. after tha yave



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