Culinary Inspirations

We asked students at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education who gave them their love for cooking and why.
>> these students have made decision to make culinary art these career. who gave them the love for cooking and why? in what spired me to do what i am doing now is basically the tv shows that i used to watch and my parents made me play with pots and pans instead of action figures. >> probably my grandma is the biggest influence on cooking. i can remember making brownies and cookies and getting to luck the bull and food is a big influce our family. >> okay. i started the restaurant when i was 16 and i was line cook and after that i figured out, wow, so much you can do wh the food, the flavors and everything. >> i have been the kitchen suns i was little. probably my mom was the biggest influence. we always cooked together. he is a really good cook. i learned a lot from her. >> i was inspired by my father. he was single dad. he always cooked veryell for us. me and my broth every, um, both ha



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