Cuisine Of Italy: Herbed Pasta With Mushroom Stuffing

A simple vegetarian pasta dish that’s great for a lunch or light dinner
that i was thinking. we are heating things up from the le cordon bleu. i feel like it’s been a while. >> yeah, it has been a while. i’ve got a little band-aid on my nose. i came in. even the producer gave me a shot in the nose and said just go out there and do the show. and i was like okay. >> that’s how she is sometimes. >> but i need that, you know what i mean? >> yeah, grab you by your nose and put you in your place. >> no, i’m kidding, i’m kidding. actually, we’re teaching, after a long list of phone calls and people pegging us — begging us, we’ll be doing classes once a month for the general public. >> so you don’t have to be a student? >> no. >> it’s a one day saturday class. >> that’s awesome. >> and tomorrow, we’re going to be doing italian. and as we’re taking it all through italy. it’s a lot of fun. i want to show you how to make a simple pasta. >> what’s the date? may 22. so



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